Back Pain

"The treatment has worked for me and I now realise that your back is too precious to neglect. I noticed changes in myself after my first adjustment."


"Once my initial intensive course of care was complete, Joy! My back pain was no more."


"I have suffered with lower back pain for about 10 years off and on, with probably 2 severe bouts a year. The day I first came to Fulwell Chiropractic I could hardly get out of the car and could not walk up straight. Here I am 4 treatments later pain free and feeling great."


"Feel 100% better than when I first came to Fulwell Chiropractic. No pain, no stiffness, feel ten years younger. Had back pain for years and it’s all gone now. Wonderful!!!"


"Having suffered with back pain for 18 years I didn’t believe the results would be possible in such a short period of time."


Neck Pain

"I noticed a change after three or four adjustments. I could sleep much better, driving is more comfortable and gardening is easier."


"I had migraines and neck ache for a very long time, after visiting the doctors and hospital with no help I decided to visit Fulwell Chiropractic. After 1 week the migraines and headaches stopped. I felt an instant relief from pain and discomfort."


"10 years ago I started suffering from chronic neck pain. Within 3-4 weeks of starting treatment I was completely pain free and a convert to Chiropractic."


"I have been a patient at Fulwell Chiropractic for 12 years and yes, Chiropractic works!! I come regularly for follow up appointments and it keeps my neck pain at bay."



"Fulwell Chiropractic has changed my life. I have been a client since 2002, up until then I had constant headaches from my neck and sciatica due to lower back problems. Now well managed and mostly pain free. Fulwell Chiropractic is great."


"I initially attended Fulwell Chiropractic as I suffered from sciatica. I had been on pain killers for months and physio hadn’t worked. After about 3 weeks of care, the pain had eased and I was feeling much better in myself. Now I am able to enjoy everyday activities and take up exercise again."


"I was suffering with sciatica and after the first week of care I could feel a change. It then improved week on week. I can now socialise more with family and friends. Also to be able to get out walking again is good."


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